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Divorce Mediation
Certificate Program

Licensed Certified Trainer Opportunity Coming Fall 2023!

Become a
Divorce Mediator

The Divorce Mediation Certificate Program will teach you everything you need to know to begin work as a Divorce Mediator immediately upon Certification. More than just the basics of divorce mediation, this comprehensive, post graduate level program will teach you everything about handling a divorce mediation case from the time your clients call to schedule an appointment to the time they leave your office with a complete agreement on all of the terms of their divorce. 

Linear, step-by-step instruction from top tier faculty, and all of the tools you will need to be an effective mediator, will leave you feeling confident about helping divorcing spouses resolve conflict and end their marriage in a positive, healthy manner, avoiding the acrimony that accompanies divorce court proceedings.


  • This Divorce Mediation Certificate Program is an accredited, intensive post-graduate level program that is approved for 35 Continuing Education Credits. 


  • As a CRT-Certified Divorce Mediator, you will join a select group of mediators who are able to mediate divorce cases in any state within the United States. No other training program offers this advantage.


  • No additional certifications or supervisory sessions are required. Simply complete your course, earn your certificate, and begin mediating with confidence.

Not ready to commit to a comprehensive 35 hour program? Register for the Introduction to Divorce Mediation Program to find out if working with divorcing spouses is a path you'd like to pursue! Learn more about the Introduction to Divorce Mediation Program.

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