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The World's Leading Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training Authority
Certificate Programs

We are a growing community of professionals who are dedicated to improving communication and conflict resolution skills on a global scale.


Our focus is on providing the tools needed by families, schools and workplaces to see inevitable conflict as a valuable impetus for positive dialog and meaningful change. We use education as our method of delivering these tools. 


Over the past twelve years, the Conflict Resolution Training team has had the pleasure of meeting thousands of professionals and organizational stakeholders through our training experiences, all of which are designed to expand our initiative to bring healthier methods of resolving conflict to as many citizens of the world as we can reach.


We have shared our educational experiences in mediation and conflict resolution with a wide variety of participants, including mental health, legal and business professionals, teachers, HR professionals, entire workforces in some cases, and many others. Our focus of all of our workshops is sharing the science and art of resolving conflict successfully.


Our five regularly scheduled Certificate Programs can be found on this page. In addition, we offer customized certificate programs for organizations. If your organization is looking for a program related to mediation and/or resolving conflict in a workplace, school or family; or you are looking for a program that enhances professional development or personal wellness of  employees, it is likely that CRT's team of renowned experts can meet your needs, or direct you to a resource that can. Feel free to reach us by phone, chat or email anytime to chat, ask questions or schedule a virtual meeting with you or your team.

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Divorce Mediation

Certificate Program

A comprehensive four day program for individuals who want to be Divorce Mediators. The focus is on learning how to assist divorcing spouses in reaching a complete agreement on all of the issues they need to address in order to get an uncontested divorce, bypassing divisive and financially debilitating  divorce litigation. Graduates are trained to begin work immediately upon completion anywhere in the world. 


Special Education

Mediation Certificate

A two day comprehensive program during which participants learn mediation skills and techniques designed specifically for resolving conflict between parents of special needs children and school districts. The focus is on finding solutions that meet the best interest of the special child and are simultaneously acceptable to the child's parents or guardians and the school district. Appropriate for psychology, school and legal professionals as well as parents and guardians of special children, their service providers, and individuals interested in mediating disputes related to special needs.

Nursery School

Special Education

Advocacy Certificate

A two day comprehensive program during which participants learn all  of the necessary skills and competencies needed to professionally represent needs and viable options for special needs children to the school districts responsible for educating them. The focus is not on "going to war" with a child's school, but rather, securing the best possible result for thee students and their  parents by using  knowledge, social intelligence and diplomacy.


Elder Care Facilitation Certificate

A two day comprehensive program during which participants learn to facilitate discussions and resolve conflict among elders and their family members, care givers and service providers. The focus is on learning how to create a viable Elder Life Plan that accounts for the elder's medical, financial, legal and social needs. Appropriate for psychology, legal and finance professionals, stakeholders in residential and medical care facilities that cater to elders,  as well as individuals interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge about elder issues.

Members of our Community

Members of our Community

Our Community


Members of our community come from a variety of backgrounds that lend diversity to our collective experience and focus. Most are graduates of our educational programs who have gone on to share their knowledge and expertise with other individuals and communities through their own work, and through their ongoing collective work with one another. 


All of our stakeholders, regardless of role, share a common set of core values that can be found on our websites, in our educational opportunities and among one another. Please see our Core Values on this page. If our values resonate with you, feel free to participate in one of our educational experiences, and get to know us!


Feel free to browse our various upcoming educational workshops, which include training experiences related to Family/Divorce Mediation, Special Education Advocacy and Mediation, Facilitation of Elder Care Discussions, Workplace Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Leading Difficult Conversations and more. You can read more about each of these educational programs by clicking the relevant link at the top of this page.

Members of Our Community
Our Core Values represent what is important to us. These values define us individually and collectively. They provide us with the foundation upon which we build relationships and trust among our team, our students, our clients, and our community.
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Our Core Values


From Conflict Theory to Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management and Mediation, our Programs present practical, nuts-and-bolts training that includes the skills and tools necessary for successful dispute resolution outcomes. 

We offer the only mediation certificate training programs that qualify our graduates to mediate in any state, not just the state in which they live.

As a community member of the the world's leading authority on conflict resolution, you will gain confidence and credibility through networking with top tier mediators, conflict resolution specialists and instructors. 


Our mediation courses are designed for anyone who wants to help others find better methods of resolving conflict, whether in families, schools or workplaces.  


Training Programs are available on-site or online. Program content and CE credits are the same for online classes as for on-site classes, so you can choose the learning option that best fits your needs. 


We believe interaction is key to learning. All of our courses are live, giving you the benefit of live lectures, group exercises, and role play. 

In addition to joining a community of like-minded professionals where you will continue to learn, share, collaborate and possibly even teach conflict resolution skills, you will be prepared to earn income as a practitioner in this field immediately upon completing your program.


You will not need court approvals or supervision to work with clients after successfully completing a Conflict Resolution Training Program.

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