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Workplace Conflict Resolution

The ability to resolve and manage conflict in the workplace is an essential core competency for leaders and managers today. It is no longer enough to send aggrieved or disputing parties to HR for a solution, especially if HR is not trained in conflict resolution techniques. Employees express greater job satisfaction in a workplace that values a shared, open and transparent process for identifying, resolving and managing inevitable conflict. Organizations that embrace this value make individual and organizational success and growth possible.


Since tools and techniques for resolving conflict in the workforce improves the productivity and job satisfaction of all members of any organization, providing every member of your workforce with this skill should be at the top of your employee development list. A workforce equipped with conflict resolution skills will help your organization establish and improve its culture, create productive workplace relationships, and establish trust and inclusivity throughout your workplace. 


This program teaches participants how to resolve conflict in six, easy-to-follow linear steps. Participants apply what they learn to a case presented in class. All participants return to their organization with tools and immediately executable skills for resolving conflict in their workplace.


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This comprehensive professional development program includes a combination of: 

  • Lecture

  • Interactive Discussions 

  • Role Play Exercises 


The course is divided into three sections. It begins with an introduction to the topic, then covers the skills and techniques needed to successfully resolve conflict in the workplace (including a six step process to resolve any conflict you may encounter), and ends with an opportunity to use the skills and knowledge covered in the class during a group exercise/role play where participants actually resolve the conflict in a case study. 

Upcoming Courses

We are excited about continuing to expand our growing community of professionals who are interested in joining our journey to learn and spread to others better methods for improving communication and resolving conflict within the workplace. If this interests you, let’s get to know one another in one of our upcoming workshops!

Program Overview

Morning Session


Participants are introduced to the new and emerging strategies of dispute resolution in the workplace and how impactful an organizational culture in which people at all levels feel included, heard, and valued can be. They will engage in discussion regarding "culture" and "justice" and the significance of each in today's workplace. 

Participants are taught how to diagnose conflict in the workplace, the levels and types of conflict that can occur, and the various styles of conflict resolution there are.

Afternoon Session

Skills, Techniques & Role Play

The six steps to successful resolution of conflict in the workplace are presented and discussed. During this segment, participants build an immediately executable tool for resolving conflict in their workplace. 

Using skills taught in both he morning and afternoon segments, participants participant in a group role play exercise. Upon conclusion, groups are asked to present action plans and compare solutions reached. 

Course Curriculum
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