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Linnea Levine, Esq. 

J.D., C.A.S.,  M.S.

Linnea Levine is an attorney and an educator. Her first career was in the classroom, her passion being teaching problem solving and complex thinking skills to children adjusted to their individualized learning levels. She studied conflict resolution as part of her studies to obtain her permanent NYS School District Administrator License. 


When Linnea's parents both became chronically ill, her second career pivoted from practicing as a school board attorney to concentrating in elder law and special needs (disabled under age 65) and Trusts and Estates. She has advocated and litigated when necessary to obtain public and private services for her disabled clients. She has assisted families with disabled spouses or children in planning their estates to provide for all family members. She has written and taught several state approved CLE courses in her practice areas. 


Linnea believes better outcomes occur when the people involved are allowed to participate in finding solutions rather than being told what to do by a person with authority. 


Connect with Linnea Levine, Esq. on Linkedin.

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