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Heather Barnhouse

Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

Heather Barnhouse is a partner with the world’s largest law firm, practicing in the corporate/commercial space.  She works with companies of all sizes and industries, helping the companies grow and scale.  In the course of growth and scaling entrepreneurial ventures, there is much conflict that needs to be resolved to enable companies to move forward.  Heather is a skilled negotiator, using practical approaches to focus on pragmatic outcomes that de-escalate issues to be able to move forward productively. 
She is licensed to practice law in the Province of Alberta, and has experience teaching practical law related courses with the local chapter of the bar association.  She is a frequent public speaker and collaborator across many projects.  She has extensive experience working with private and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of settings and roles, and has trained individuals and organizations alike.  Her community service work includes serving on the board of directors of multiple local non-profit organizations, provincially and nationally; and acting as a legal advisor and mentor to a number of emerging growth companies.

Connect with Heather Barnhouse on LinkedIn.

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