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Dr. Tenille Richardson Quamina


Dr. Tenille Richardson-Quamina obtained her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech and has worked in family services and child welfare for over 21 years providing case management and individual, couples, and family therapy. She has also held positions as Program Director and Vice President, where she provided staff with managerial support and clinical supervision. In the era of escalating negative Internet behaviors, it became her mission to help men, women, and teens stop the Internet from being a problem in their life or relationship. She founded New Creations Counseling Services LLC in 2016 and has developed customized therapy techniques and preventative psycho-educational workshops to help her clients and the community overcome online addictions, cyberbullying, and online affairs. With a third of divorces being caused by online activities, Dr. Richardson-Quamina found divorce mediation to be an additional resource that will help further her mission to serve couples and families.

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