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DeAnn Salcido

Retired Judge, Civil Litigator, and Divorce Attorney

DeAnn Salcido is a retired California Judge and a former Deputy District Attorney in two counties (Los Angeles and San Diego). Her time as a prosecutor was interrupted for four years, during which time she practiced civil litigation in San Diego.


Since retiring from the bench, Ms. Salcido operates “Honorable Legal Services”, a
boutique family law practice in San Diego County. Her firm primarily handles complicated custody and visitation cases, especially those involving protective parents. Her experience as a criminal prosecutor, civil litigator and jurist have given DeAnn numerous perspectives from which to approach case settlement negotiations.


As a jurist, DeAnn was frequently asked to be a webinar presenter. These presentations were made to lawyers and non-lawyers on a variety of topics. Providing this service to the community is how DeAnn discovered that she loved to teach.

Connect with DeAnn Salcido on LinkedIn.

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