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Gerson Sternstein

MD - Psychiatry; Physician Executive; Founder - Paragon Behavioral Health; Certified BYS Business Development Coach; Certified Divorce Mediator

Gerson Sternstein, MD has had a career in medicine spanning 30 years, beginning when leeches, bloodletting and suction cups were in vogue. After beginning in academics at Yale and Cornell, he moved exclusively into clinical practice as his heart had always been in the “one-to-one” interaction.

Initially, Dr. Sternstein built a multi-disciplinary behavioral health department integrated into a ninety physician multispecialty medical group for which he served as a member of the Board of Directors. Subsequently, Dr. Sternstein was co-founder and medical director of an independent behavioral health practice, gaining first hand knowledge of business start-up and the many roles and demands required of the mental health small business owner, while continuing to personally provide direct service to his patients.

Since retiring from clinical medicine, Dr. Sternstein has been consulting to health and wellness practices trapped in the ‘sick-care assembly line” business model.. His goal is to employ simple, cost-effective marketing and business practices to transform from the “sick-care assembly line” and create healing communities.

On a personal note, Dr. Sternstein believes wardrobe is an art form…no matter where you are, you are always strolling Madison Avenue.

Connect with Gerson Sternstein on LinkedIn.

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