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Dr. CK Olivieri Blackmore

Licensed Psychotherapist, Social Psychologist, Divorce Mediator, Author, Professor, and Entrepreneur

Dr. CK Olivieri Blackmore is a licensed psychotherapist, social psychologist, divorce mediator, author, professor, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience with clinical issues pertaining to the queer/LGBTQIQA community. Drawing upon social-developmental psychology, feminist/queer theory and harm reduction based philosophies, CK’s approach to therapy and meditation utilizes eclectic interventions from cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical-behavioral (DBT), family systems theories, EMDR, Gottman, and EFT. CK is the author of Queer Archetypal Lifespan Development Theory, the only theory of lifespan development to view queerness as a normative parallel developmental process and not simply a deviation of what’s normative for heterosexuals. At present, CK is working on a depth psychological ecofeminist model of conflict resolution based on biomimicry and permaculture principles. Her style is simultaneously empathic and fun, co-creating meaningful relationships with her students, colleagues, and clientele.

Connect with Dr. CK Olivieri Blackmore on LinkedIn.

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