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Elizabeth Jewett Owen, Esq.

Attorney, Certified Mediator, QDRO Specialist

Elizabeth Jewett Owen is an attorney in private practice in upstate NY, who provides legal services to clients world-wide. She has been practicing law for more than two decades, and offers her clients a “family lawyer” firm, handling matters from real estate transfers, wills and estates, small business services, and of course, all areas of divorce and family law.

Elizabeth has developed training programs and materials for attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals, and has trained and supervised paralegals and attorneys in all aspects of her general practice.


She is a certified divorce mediator, with extensive experience in divorce mediation, contract negotiation and conflict resolution, drafting separation and property settlement agreements, divorce pleadings, and QDROs.


In addition to mediation training, Elizabeth also consults for other attorneys, mediators and financial service providers on dividing and distributing marital assets and procedures.

Connect with Elizabeth Jewett Owen, Esq on LinkedIn.

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